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Flowers represent growth and evolution, this is why it is essential to choose the most suitable flower bouquet depending on the occasion. For instance, some flowers are perfect for weddings while others are more suitable for funerals - in spite of the fact that flowers are not mandatory when attending a funeral, they are surely a nice way to pay your respects both to the deceased and to the family. In Singapore, funeral flower wreaths are usually given during the wake. However, designing an entire funeral floral arrangement yourself can be a daunting task, especially if you do not have any experience in the field, as you risk to send off the wrong message. This is why it is highly recommended to opt for the services of a professional florist who knows which flowers are best to use for wreaths. It is essential to make sure that the wreaths reaches the funeral home before the visiting hours, as the flowers must be there before the family arrives.

A Closer Look At Traditional Wreaths For Funerals

There are different types of arrangements you can opt for when you go to a funeral, but floral wreaths are typically the most common choice, not only due to their beautiful appearance but also because of the fact that they represent eternal life. Cut flowers or flower baskets are two other very popular choices, and so are sprays - sprays can be seen only from one side, yet they are designed to last and to stay colorful. You can also opt for small floral sprays or casket sprays - the first ones are commonly referred to as "inside pieces" given the fact that they are placed inside the casket and then lowered into the ground, while the latter are positioned on the top of the casket and they can be replaced by wreaths. It happens that nowadays, people opt for potted plants for flowers, given their strong symbolism - these flowers will grow and blossom in the long run, and they can be associated with life after death, which does bring some peace and comfort to the family members.

How To Pick The Right Flowers

Roses, lilies or carnations are some of the most popular types of flowers that you can use for a funeral arrangement, especially red roses and white lilies, as they represent love respectively peace and purity. However, there are several other factors to pay attention to when you come up with a floral arrangement for a funeral, such as the preferences of the deceased while he was still alive. Did the deceased love flowers, or roses in particular? Then there is no better way to express your respect and compassion than through a generous bouquet of red or white roses. Funeral blankets, on the other hand, are another important part of every funeral process, given their soft and comforting nature that will surely help the family of the deceased to cope with the pain a bit better. These funeral blankets are made entirely from 100% cotton and they go perfectly with embedded words, borders or flowers. Our prompt wreath delivery in Singapore can help you get a unique floral arrangement that will you pay your respects the right way!