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Calla Lily

The name ‘Calla Lily’ came from a Greek word, “kallos” which means “beauty”. Calla Lily also has names that are not so beautiful. It is also commonly known as pig lily, trumpet lily and arum lily. Do you know that Calla lily is neither a calla nor lily?! Huh??! What? Right, actually it belongs to the genus Zantedeschia. Why? Well, Swedish botanist, Carolus Linnaeus had originally named the genus ‘calla’. Later when it was apparent that the genus needed to be split up, German botanist, Karl Koch named the new genus after his fellow botanist, Giovanni Zantedeschi. As habits die hard, people continued to use the name, ‘Calla Lily’. Since long long ago, Calla Lily has been used to express different meanings. Ancient Romans used it to symbolise lust and sensuality because of its large pistils considered to be phallic. At one time, the Calla Lily was thought to represent chastity, virtue and purity, and was associated with the Virgin Mary. Generally Calla Lilies are taken as symbols of fertility and abundance; and not surprisingly have become one of the favourite flowers used for wedding ceremonies. In contrast, Calla Lily is also associated with death. They were often used on the graves of youths. Calla Lilies of different colours carry different meanings. The most common white Calla Lily represents purity and innocence. Striking black Calla Lilies express elegances and mystery. Pink ones gain admiration and appreciation. Purple, the colour often associated with royalty exudes passion. If you want to show gratitude someone, send a bouquet of yellow Calla Lily to her today.