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Buying from Online Florist in Singapore

Online florists have become very sought-after lately, and for a good reason: not only do we help you to save a lot of time, money and trouble, but we are also highlyconvenient given the fact that you can easily order the desired flower bouquet from home. No matter if you are looking for the perfect wedding bouquet or justan original floral arrangement that will take your friends or relatives by surprise,buying online flowers has a series of benefits that you should not ignore. Here is a brief overview of buying flowers in Singapore from 3florist. 1. Our Online Shops Are Opened Non-Stop This is by far one of the most important advantages of online flower shops. Have you forgotten about your anniversary as a couple andyou cannot find a florist shop open at this time? Nothing to worry about – we are open on a 24/7 basis and you can place an order from your PC,laptop, tablet or even smart phone and have it delivered at your doorstep, firstthing in the morning! Ordering flowers cannot get easier or more convenient than this! 2. Wider Variety of Flowers and Gifts Another benefit of purchasing flowers on the Internetis that you have a wide array of options to choose from, unlike it happens withlive-based flower shops where your choices are limited. With several clicks ofthe mouse, you can always browse our wide catalogue and find the bestprice for the bouquet you want, no matter how sophisticated or extravagant itis. You can find flowers for your wedding, for the birthday of your significant other, for the much-appreciated Valentine's Day, for holidays and so on – besides, you can even personalizeyour bouquet with a personal message or with a special floral arrangement thatwill make it stand out from the crowd. 3. More Affordable Options Being an online shop without venue rental overheads, we are able to provide a more reasonable option as compared to other florists in Singapore, with the options of adding gifts or hampers in addition to the flowers. We provide quality goods that are comparable to Far East Flora and Noel Gifts at a more affordable price!,